Geld verdienen mit Internet
Geld verdienen mit Internet
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Advertising Pays with only 10 Clicks

10 Clicks per day and you get paid.   How?

Caution: You can register only one Account.  In Sponsor in SIGN UP, should appear my Name "Avraam Skenteridis", otherwise contact me ! Thank you.



Please, for any Question - contact with me. I´ll help you personally  step by step.

  • 100% the Partners win MONEY Immediately !
  • Every 20 Minutes you can see income in your account!
  • No Sales, Sponsor or recommend necessary.
  • Payouts DAILY IMMEDIATELY if you want!
  • Just only  10 Clicks/Day
  • Free Entry for Each Possible,
  • Instant Money. Payments within 24 hours, fastest Payouts in Online Marketing.
  • You´ll paid automatically every 20 Minutes from the company!
  • 24/7  SUPPORT BEST Ever! Englisch Video tutorial Wordwide Aktiv Facebook  Webinare und Offline Meetings.
  • No KLM, Multi-Level Marketing or HYIP!
  • Your Banner and Text Advertising free of charge. Competitions so effektively your own business.


If You Click a Maus you can then ....





Please, for any Question - contact with me. I´ll help you personally  step by step.


Information & Video



*1. Here Presentation &


*2. Here Register.  How to Register with MyAdvertisingPays


*3. Here How your buy your  Membership Level


How to buy CP (Credit Packs) in MyAdvertisingPays - Video


There are 2 Ways.

Through your credit card, directly . Is the quickest way within minutes or via the account that you will make in the VX Gateway and last 1-3 days.

*1. How to buy Credit Packs - click here

How you create account  VX-Gateway

Caution: through MyAdvertisingPays press VX Gateway to get the settings


*1. How to set up your VX Gateway Account click here or on Foto

*2. The necessary steps to create an account VX Gateway and all videos, Help, Problem etc.  click here

*3. The Account of VX deposit money click here


Traffic Exchange Ads (Video)


Your daily work is

10 Clicks/Day ( 10 Advertising/Day) click here

How to set up a campaign on MyAdvertisingPays-Video


Create your campaign on My Advertising Pays.  click here

Withdraw : How to transfer money in MyAdvertisingPays to VX Gateway then to your bank account -Video


There are 3 ways. *1. to bank account, *2. to PayPal, *3. to credit card click here -video

*(Note: at first you must enter your bank account or PayPal  to VX Gateway for Verification)

My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!



Please, for any Question - contact with me. I´ll help you personally  step by step.

More Infos :

skype : skenteridis abraam

T.: +49 (0) 7141 239 4461

M.: +49 0152 210 33 069


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