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MyPayingAds-Advertise and Get Paid

There are four AdPacks plans available:

Ad-Pack Plan 1   
With this plan, you will get 2 PPC Banner Clicks and 100 Website Credits. The cost would be $5 and returns up to 120%.

Ad-Pack Plan 2
With this plan, you will get 4 PPC Banner Clicks and 200 Website Credits. The cost would be $10 and returns up to 120%.

Ad-Pack Plan 3
With this plan, you will get 10 PPC Banner Clicks and 500 Website Credits. The cost would be $25 and returns up to 120%.

Ad-Pack Plan 4
With this plan, you will get 20 PPC Banner Clicks and 1000 Website Credits. The cost would be $50 and returns up to 120%.

Note:Once you purchase the AdPack, don't forget to add your website here

Add Clicks (Without Sharing Positions)
With this, you can add Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Clicks as per the PPC Banner Plan. You can find the available banner size by clicking on Add Clicks. The price will differ depending on the banner size.

* Note: Buying an advertising service is neither an investment or a deposit.






Hi There,

Welcome to My Paying Ads!

My Paying Ads is a viral advertising site which delivers very high quality Pro traffic within short span of your advertisement placed.

Are you an online entrepreneur looking for leads and/or sales for your programs or products? Look no further, My Paying Ads is the solution!

It also offers revenue sharing on ad pack purchases which brings two-fold benefit to you. The ad pack plans are prepared so thoughtfully in view of long term stability to the site with continuous and progressive earnings to its members. They are sure to bring success.

AdPacks are priced for everyone\'s budget from as low as $1 and mature after 120% earnings. You also get a generous 10% referral commissions.

Accepted Payment Processors: Paypal, Payza, STP and Perfect Money!

Do not miss the high quality traffic that this site can offer. Sign up and start using its services.

To Your Success,

MyPayingAds | MyPayingCryptoAds

MyPayingAds is the 3rd and last revenue sharing advertising company on my list. It’s cruising smoothly since March 2015 and becoming stronger than ever with 213780 registered members.  The company has a very good reputation in the industry.

MyPayingCryptoAds is a new platform that was launched on 28th October 2016 by MyPayingAds. Both MyPayingAds & MyPayingCryptoAds are revenue sharing advertising platforms. The main difference is that MyPayingCryptoAds deals with bitcoin payments only.
You can create 2 separate accounts with both MPA & MPCA but I’m member of MyPayingAds only. Please find the main features and benefits of MPA below:

Experienced & Qualified Owner

– Dr. Nalam Satyanarayana, mostly known as Uday Nara is the owner of MyPayingAds & MyPayingCryptoAds. He’s got a very good experience in revenue share industry.

Revenue Sharing Advertising Model

– The company is focused solely on the advertising model combined with the revenue share so that to provide quality traffic to the businesses and at the same time give an opportunity to the people to earn extra income 24-7 from home.

Membership Fees

– MyPayingAds has 4 different plans. As a free member you can have maximum 100 Adpacks of $10. If you want to have more AdPacks or $50 adpacks then you will be paying upto $60/month.

Fast Revenue Share

– Revenue Share is Upto 120% for all AdPacks with an average rate of 2% daily.

Referral Program

– On top of revenue share MyPayingAds offers an option to earn 10% direct referral commissions for all adpack purchases.

I started MyPayingAds in November 2016 and so far (30/12/2016) I’ve got 365 Adpacks of $50 each:

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My Paying Ads Review – Quick Reality check on MPA Scam or Sustainability?

Posted on November 7, 2015 by KJ

MPA- What is it All About?

A large number of individuals are in search of online avenues that would help them make easy money. As a result a number of sites and platforms have emerged, offering different opportunities to people to make and invest, strategically, and earn decent returns. MyPayingAds (MPA) is one such platform that started in March 2015, and added a new trend in the online marketing-cum-ad sharing services.

But before we proceed, it is important that we throw some light on the theory and basics of Ad sharing business.

Traditionally, Ad-revenue sharing has been a model used by different organizations to boost their business with the help from their existing clientele. These services offer a share in the profits of the organization for the following tasks:

  • Recommending new customers, or what is popularly called as ‘referrals’;
  • Putting banners and links on one’s blog or website;
  • Clicking on ads of targetted clients; and,
  • Visiting the recommended pages on various sites.

The revenue sharing is done on the basis of the revenue generated out of such activities. For the single user, it is beneficial as it creates easy money by simply clicking on ads or making referrals. However, the biggest concern about such programs relates to their ingenuity and reliability. There are many sites and programs that mug people of their pockets by offering and promising to pay good returns on their investments. So, it is most important that you evaluate and test the genuineness of the program before being captured by their proposals.Please click here to join MPA Facebook Group and experience the testimonials and awesome daily posts shared by the real people with real contents.

MyPayingAd (MPA): The Whole setup

MPA was founded by an individual named Uday N a.k.a Nalam Satyanarayana, who is based in Sigapore. Mr. Nalam came up with the idea after doing a great amount of R&D on profit-sharing online advertising.

The conception of MPA has been done as a profit sharing online advertising system with a pay-per-click (PPC) model. Like many other online marketing sites, the objective of MPA is to channel the online traffic to the advertisers’s website. However, what makes MPA different is the additional features of revenue sharing and PPC packages, making it a flexible multi-modelled platform.

MPA is a universal platform, free for all individuals. It also provides several value-added features, to boost the returns for the subscribers. These features are available in the form of Adpacks, which range from a meagre USD 1 to USD 50, each pack offering different returns on the investment. As per the sources, MPA offers a profit-sharing percentage of 70% for repurchase balance and 30% of cash balance. This might not be the best offering in the industry, but it does make that business model more sustainable.

MPA is currently offering the following ad products:

  1. Business Directory: 20 credits per AdPack purchased;
  2. Login Ads
  3. Paid To Click (PTC) Ads
  4. Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads
  5. Banner Ads
  6. Text Ads
  7. Solo Ads

In a span of few months, MPA has spread it’s fold to a good number of subscriber/investors. Going by these trends, the future for MPA looks fairly good.

Requirements and Proposals

MPA offers free membership to all. But, to participate in the revenue sharing program, one needs to invest a minimum sum of USD 5. The minimum cost of an Adpack is USD 1. Once invested, the user becomes a member of the rapidly growing MPA community on various social media.

As of now, MPA is offering the following packages:

Ad-Pack Advertisement Cost (Cost) Returns
AdPack 1 $ 5 $ 6 (upto 120%)
AdPack 2 $ 10 $ 12 (upto 120%)
AdPack 3 $ 25 $ 30 (upto 120%)
AdPack 4 $ 50 $ 60 (upto 120%)

MPA has also created a criterion of maximum 100 adpacks purchase for AdPack 1, 2 and 3 however there is no limit to buy AdPack4 of value 50$ each. Adpacks is projected to mature in 60 days, but the user experiences an appreciation in the AdPack value every 60 minutes!

Payment wise, MPA makes payment through popular channels like Payza, SolidTrust and Perfect Money, Bitcoin and recently they have introduced a new payment processor called 2Pay4You.

Now what does all this mean?

Let’s take a hypothecial case:

Suppose you are a beginner and planning to invest USD 5, and having 5 slots in Adpack 1. Following the return rate predicted by MPA, we may say that:

In nutshell $ 5 has a potential to buy you quality advertisements and revenue upto 120% which means you can earn upto 6$ out of your 5$ purchase  ($1 profit leftover)

Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit daily: $ 200

Re-Purchase Balance Limit daily: NA

Note: These estimates are hypothetical and based on conservation estimates. The actual returns and gains/loss might be more or less.

Risk Free Trial Opportunity!

I recommend you to try this if you would like to understand the business model and taste the water yourself, please click here to register or sign-up using my referral link, (I will help you with any relevant questions or technical issues you have which I can answer for you or get you started with right strategy). Of-course you need good amount to be invested preferably in 5 figures to get handsome returns in short span, however there is no guarantee of returns made by the site and you understand all the risks associated before investing any money into this site at your own.

How much should I purchase?

If you just want to experiment with the site based on the risk capacity – you may want to start with $100 or $500 or $1000 or $5000 (based on your pocket and risk considerations) these figures will give you better insight on business model, return trends, strategy to invest further, website know-how, however you can open up your free account as well which does not require any credit card or contract absolutely nothing hidden, no contractual liabilities, no limitations except the returns, what you get is very limited  but you should better try this at-least because absolutely there is no risk or fear to lose anything

I understand the risk with Revenue sharing programs and I am ready to buy in, what level of services should I buy to earn $5000 to $6000 monthly?

Based on the current earning analytics if you can invest 10,000$ then you may expect average ~$200 net cash balance income per day which is as good as ~$6000 per month, return starts typically from the day one however you need to be patient for first three months for your investment to attain full maturity, which means BREAK-EVEN POINT (your invested amount comes back to you as an overall profit returns, however your principle investment plus 70% compounded profit  is still there to gain you consistent profit even after you break-even. (Please refer the planning and strategy given below to achieve desired success but strategy does not guarantee you earning and it is totally, strategy is personally proven based on the techniques used by me which is subject to change as the MPA model changes.  Please see detailed statistics below on $25K investment (returns shown based on the full shares maturity amount with no time considerations)  

Earning Every Hour: $8.33

Total Daily Earning: $200 OR
Daily cash Balance : $200.00
Daily Re-Purchase Balance : Upto you – No limit
Total Monthly Earnings: $6,000

*Please note above statistics is tentative, and not 100% accurate as it depends on several other factors such exact times of your newly bought shares and their maturity, overall site sales, number of paid users etc.

So What Should You Do?

Based on the reviews and experiences of the users and other stakeholders, it could be believed that MyPayingAds is a good platform for investors. We do not say that it is a risk free platform for the online community, but users can take a calculated and intelligent decision and get benefited by the returns.

But one thing that should be recommended to online investors or marketing people: MyPayingAds might not be the perfect substitute for your full time job. It might be seen as a supplement to your economic position, but only when done intelligently. You might stand in a risky position if you’re out of job, or unemployed, or simply low on money. It is always better to plan, study and invest with a strategy. Before investing and joining, study the proposal well, decide upon your future goals, and then make a decision.

From an advertiser point of view, MyPayingAds might be a brilliant opportunity to market your products to the desired customer segment. Various credit offerings from MPA could really help you boost your marketing agenda on various platforms.

To sum up, MyPayingAds has brought a new trend in the online marketing sector and fused flexibility and adaptability in the industry. Given the present growth and growing popularity of MPA, the day might not be far when it might become the pioneer of online marketing. industry.


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