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Mining Pools Available

Pool 1
  • 1000 days mining
  • 50% Commissions
  • 50% Re-purchase
Pool 2
  • 1000 days mining
  • 60% Commissions
  • 40% Re-purchase
Pool 3
  • 1000 days mining
  • 70% Commissions
  • 30% Re-purchase
Founder Pool
  • 1000 days mining
  • 1 Share of ALL 3 Pools
  • Founder Bonuses & Special Offers




Email 1: Welcome to BitClub Network


Thanks for confirming your email!

You have been given a Free Member account that you can login and access as you learn more about Bitcoin and the opportunity that BitClub Network is offering.

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Here's why your timing is so crucial...

Right now is such a crucial time as we continue to see the rise of an incredible technology that will have a profound impact on the entire world.

It's not just Bitcoin we are talking about, it's the Blockchain technology that allows all digital currency to work!

All of this started back in 2009 and during this time Bitcoin has been tested by some of the smartest people in the world who tried to expose it and poke holes to prove it won't work. The results.... 6 years later we have seen nearly $1 Billion in VC funding raised by Bitcoin companies, of which $450 million has came in the last 12 months alone.

What does this mean?

It means the smart money is betting on Bitcoin to win... AND WIN BIG!

In fact, this market is exactly like the early days of the Internet where only geeks and tech savvy people understood it. But soon these geeks built all the tools that made it easy for anyone to use and access the Internet.

Some people call this the "browser moment" when the browser was launched it made the Internet mainstream and easy. Once this happened the VC money began pouring into Internet companies and over the next 5 years we saw incredible innovation with company after company launching services that drove the market to where it is today.

Can you imagine your life without the Internet now? 

We are sitting in this exact same cycle with a technology that has the potential to be even bigger than the Internet itself, but this time around it's going to happen much faster and as these new companies create their "browser moment" that will make Bitcoin easier to use, you will be kicking yourself for not leveraging what you know today!

One thing is clear... This is going to happen WITH or WITHOUT you.

So do yourself a favor, dive in!

Start your own research and keep your eye on this industry because every single day 3,600 newly issued Bitcoins will be mined by someone and the sooner you start positioning yourself to cash in, the better you will be set up for the rise to the top.

To learn more... login to your Free Account and upgrade your membership

The time to position yourself in front of this wave is RIGHT NOW

Email 2: Why BitClub Network?


Why upgrade and join BitClub Network?

BitClub Network is unlike anything you've seen before...

We combined two very lucrative ideas into a single membership platform that allows each member to cash in on Bitcoin mining and leverage the power of Network Marketing.

It's only $99 one time to join BitClub Network for a lifetime access to our membership.

With this membership you will gain exclusive access to opportunities that are only available to BitClub Network members.

Right now we are building our mining pools, these pools are the backbone of our membership and by participating in them you will be paid Bitcoin everyday from all of the blocks being mined.

Our hashing power continues to grow each week and we are starting to become one of the largest mining pools in the world.

PLUS... You will earn commissions from every person you refer to BitClub Network and anytime they purchase a share of our mining pools or anything else BitClub Network offers, you will get paid! 

But it gets even better... We pay you daily profits based on the Bitcoin being mined and from your profits you must contribute a percentage back to re-purchase additional shares. This allows us to pay for the maintenance of the machines and helps to purchase more. 

Each time a re-purchase is made from anyone in your organization you will earn commissions on them.

We pay in 6 different ways... For more details about compensation login to your account and click on the opportunity page to learn more

Click Here to login to your account and upgrade today!

The sooner you start mining and leveraging your profits, the faster you will begin earning back daily Bitcoin

Email 3: Earning Bitcoin Daily is... Awesome!



Do you want to earn Bitcoin everyday for 1,000 days in a row?

Then keep reading...

Each day there are 3,600 new Bitcoins issued to miners and these Bitcoins are being issued in blocks of 25 about every 10 minutes. You can actually watch this happening live on

Today 3,600 Bitcoins are worth roughly $900,000 USD (using value of $250/Bitcoin) and this price fluctuates up and down as Bitcoin is traded in real time across dozens of trading platforms (just like any currency or commodity)

Did you know this was happening?

Not many people know about this, but it doesn't change the fact that it's happening every single day! And every single day this $900,000 USD is given away to miners who are "mining" for it.

Pretty crazy right?

You plug-in a machine and it literally prints money. The more machines that you have the more often you will unlock a new block. 

For some reason 99% of the world has not caught onto this yet, most likely because those who do know aren't sharing it with anyone. But that's where BitClub Network is different.

We are allowing YOU as a member to purchase these mining machines and use them to contribute to our mining pool. For doing this we are going to pay you 100% of the daily profits from all the Bitcoin being mined. 

Here is why this is such a big opportunity...

We believe the price of Bitcoin over the next 1,000 days will be significantly higher than it is today. This makes investing in Bitcoin a very good idea if you just buy it and hold it.

However, instead of just buying and holding it we've found a strategic way to leverage it through mining. The concept is very simple... You purchase Bitcoin then you put your Bitcoin to work in one of our mining pools so that in 1,000 days you have A LOT more Bitcoin than you started with.

But that's not all... Here is where this can get crazy! We allow you to earn commissions on everyone you refer and everyone they refer and so on. So if you were to build a nice network of people who were all earning daily Bitcoin you would not just earn on your own Bitcoin, but you would earn a percentage each time someone in your team earned Bitcoin. 

So what are you waiting for... Upgrade your membership today and start earning daily Bitcoin! 

Click Here to login to your account and upgrade

Email 4: Setting up Your Bitcoin Wallet



Have you set up a Bitcoin wallet yet? 

If not, this email will help you get started... 

Setting up a wallet is just like setting up a paypal account or a bank account, except it requires A LOT less information from you. With Bitcoin the magic is in the BlockChain and the decentralized ledger so all you need is a Bitcoin address and two keys. 

All Bitcoin wallets are the same, they work by having a public key and a private key. Everyone will know your public key, this is like your bank account number or the email address someone would send money to if we relate it to paypal. 

Your private key is like your password, nobody knows this password and in many cases if you lose the password you cannot retrieve it because you are the only one who knows it. This makes your Bitcoin wallet VERY safe and secure. 

Ok, so here are a few options... 

1. - This is one of the best around no matter where in the world you live. In fact, it is one of the few wallets that doesn't require any information and they DO NOT hold your private key so if you lose it, you may lose access to the Bitcoin. As far as security and privacy this is our favorite! (they also have a very easy to use mobile app)

2. - This wallet is one of the most widely supported wallets. They require a lot of verification from you and they do store your private key, although it is likely encrypted so this is just as safe as any bank, but the downside is no privacy. You are required to confirm information about yourself to move Bitcoin around. 

3. - This wallet is tops in security and they offer a great cold storage vault. We recommend if you are in a country they support and you are holding a significant amount of Bitcoin you create one of their wallets and then open a vault.

There are also many other options to chose form more launching weekly, we suggest you a do a little research to find what wallet will work the best for you. You may want to set up multiple wallets and try them out, they are all free!

After you have set up your wallet you will need to purchase Bitcoin and fund your wallet. There are many ways to do this from buying it on an exchange like Coinbase, BitStamp, OkCoin, or using a credit card ( is a good one for this). You can also find a local ATM near you that may offer their own wallet.

In this case you can find the ATM deposit cash and it will automatically fund your account with Bitcoin.

With how fast this industry is moving we suggest you login to your Member's Area and find the service that is best suited for you. 

If you need additional help, try contacting your sponsor:

Or visit our FAQ's page -

Once your account is funded login to your Members Area and upgrade by selecting the $99 Lifetime Membership

Don't go another day without earning Bitcoin!



Email 5: BitClub Mining Pool is Paying Daily



Wouldn't it be great to earn a little bit of Bitcoin every day?

Right now people are rushing to get their hands on as much Bitcoin as possible and there are only a few ways you can do this...
  • 1. You can buy it from an exchange and hold it
    2. You can trade it for goods or services
    3. You can mine it!
Option 1 and 2 are both good ideas... In fact, if you have a business that currently accepts credit cards you should really look into setting up a Bitcoin merchant account like Bitpay so you can start accepting Bitcoin.

But Option 3 is the most lucrative... Mining Bitcoin!

BitClub Network has set up a strategic platform that allows you to use your existing Bitcoin and purchase mining hardware that is used to mine for Bitcoin. When you purchase a share in our mining pool you will earn Bitcoin for 1,000 days while continually re-purchasing more hardware to get a bigger piece of our global mining operation. 

The idea is to multiply your Bitcoin so at the end of 1,000 days you have a lot more Bitcoin than you started with. 

Just about everyone expects Bitcoin to go up significantly over the next few years based on simple supply and demand, many are even predicting the price as high as $10,000 USD for 1 Bitcoin. 

Let's say this statement ends up being true and in 3 years Bitcoin is $10k, which would you rather have... 
  • A. You buy $500 worth of Bitcoin (lets call it 2 Bitcoin), in 3 years it would be worth $20,000 USD

    B. You buy a mining share for $500 worth of Bitcoin and after 3 years you might have 5, 7 or even 10 Bitcoin. This would be worth A LOT more than if you just bought Bitcoin and held it.

But that's not all... During this 3 years you have been taking your mining earnings and re-purchasing additional mining shares and you may have earned multiple shares that each have their own 1,000 day contracts.

This is similar to say oil... Would you rather buy a barrel of oil or a share in a mine that produces oil? 

It's a no brainer decision and that's why we have some many people jumping into our mining pool right now from all over the world.

And the very best part... The faster and bigger we get, the larger our mine becomes and the more Bitcoin we can mine

So don't go another day without earning your Bitcoin!

Upgrade your membership for $99 and lets get started - Click Here




Email 6: is BitClub Real? Check this out...



Many people are skeptical about BitClub Network and we totally get it! 

After all, we are building an entire business opportunity based around "special computers" that are plugged into the wall and used to print money!

Seriously, how crazy does that sound?!?

It's almost laughable when you think about it, but the truth is Bitcoin is very real! 

Every day new companies are embracing Bitcoin and the technology that makes it work, which is called the Blockchain.

If you are not familiar with the Blockchain it's a decentralized public ledger that keeps an accurate account of all Bitcoin transactions so that everyone in the entire network can see it at all times.

These records are kept on nodes and are spread out all across the world so that nobody controls them. When a new transaction is sent from one wallet to another wallet there is a consensus based system used to make sure the transaction will be allowed. Which is a fancy way of saying the system cannot be tricked or manipulated because everyone can see what is happening.

Miners play a key role in being able to verify these records and for helping to secure these transactions they are rewarded with newly issued blocks of Bitcoin that are paid out every 10 minutes.

BitClub Network is simply building a large mining operation using a very strategic plan. We have combined a mining pool with a Network Marketing opportunity that gives our members even more incentives to build our pool. 

In short... We pay you commissions for brining in new members who are purchasing mining equipment. This equipment is being used to mine Bitcoin and you share in all the Bitcoin mined on a daily basis. The more people you bring in and the larger your team becomes the more Bitcoin you will earn. 

So while this may sound like a science fiction story, it's happening everyday and people just like you are earning daily Bitcoin from our mining pool and compensation structure. 

To get more information about our mining pools, including proof that we are actually mining - Click Here

If you are ready to join us and get started - Click Here

Don't go another day without earning Bitcoin!


Email 7: ClubCoin Opportunity - Limited Time


BitClub Network is excited to announce the Pre-Launch and Pre-Mining for a new Proof-of-stake coin called ClubCoin! 

This coin is being issued to all BitClub members for free and will become an accepted currency of BitClub Network. There are many ways to earn ClubCoin and as a member of BitClub Network but first you have to join BitClub for $99

When you join BitClub for $99 you will receive 99 ClubCoins for F.R.E.E

Watch this video for more details... 

With ClubCoin you will have the opportunity to buy it, sell it, trade it, exchange it, or use it within BitClub Network for products and services and we are only giving them away free for a limited time during the "pre-mining" phase.

This is just one of many perks you will receive with your BitClub Membership

Don't let this one pass you by... 

Upgrade your membership today - Click Here

Email 8: You may not like this...


You may not like this email, but it's the truth... 

If you would have joined BitClub Network back when you first signed up a few weeks ago then you would already be earning daily Bitcoin from our mining pools.

This industry is moving so fast that waiting even two weeks can have a significant impact on your payout over the next 1,000 days. The price of Bitcoin will continue to fluctuate so the most important thing you can do is get yourself locked in while the price is low. 

What are you waiting for?
- Are you not sure about something?
- Are you waiting to buy Bitcoin first so that you can join?
- Are you sitting on the fence watching others collect daily? 

Whatever questions you may have we would love to help you answer. All you have to do is login to your Free Account and open a new support ticket. 

Login here - Click Here

Or if you need additional help, try contacting your sponsor:

Don't go another day without earning Bitcoin!

Email 9: Lock in your mining pool share... hurry!



Our mining pools continue to grow bigger and bigger each day and it's so important that you lock down a share in them because the longer you wait the more diluted your shares will be. 

Here's how it works... 

When you purchase a share of any pool you will start earning daily Bitcoin from whatever is being mined in that pool. This Bitcoin is split up based on the total number of shares of the pool.

Each day members earn a larger percentage of the pool because a portion of all Bitcoin will be used to purchase additional shares so the faster you get in and start the process the more shares you will accumulate.

Today you may have 1 share... Tomorrow you may have 1.02 shares and it will continue to grow as we add more mining power. 

So do yourself a favor and upgrade today so that you can start earning daily Bitcoin. 

Login to your account here to upgrade -

Don't wait another day... Lock in your shares and start earning today!

Email 10: Last Try... Upgrade Your BitClub Account



This is the last email you will receive from us

If we haven't convinced you to join BitClub Network by now, then we don't think a few more emails will do it either. 

It's unfortunate because you are about to pass on a very lucrative opportunity and we are just getting started. 

You couldn't be in a better position than you are right now... Bitcoin is still in it's early adoption phase and we believe there is about a 3-5 year window right now before it becomes mainstream and is being adopted globally. 

By this time the price of Bitcoin will likely be much higher than it is today (experts even say $10,000 USD or more) and starting a mining operation will be out of the question because it will be dominated by large players with millions of dollars. 

So do yourself a huge favor and take a real look at this before you let it slip by you. 

If you need more information please contact us or get in touch with your sponsor so they can explain how this opportunity could set you up to earn residual Bitcoin for many years to come. 

Login to your account here -

Or if you need additional help, try contacting your sponsor:

Don't go another day without earning Bitcoin!

PS... Hopefully this is not the last email you receive from us




Email #1

Here are some email templates that you can use as a guide
or just copy and paste them as they are to send them out.

Subject: Don't miss out 

Don't miss the money making trend of Bitcoin. 

Most people have heard of Bitcoin but don't 
really understand what it is. 

The most important thing to understand is that
there are people making millions of dollars
every month Bitcoin mining. 

There is now a new company called BitClub
that let's anyone get involved in Bitcoin mining. 

You don't have to be a programmer, you don't
have to buy millions in equipment and you
don't have to set up anything. 

You buy a share of one of the mining pools
and you get paid everyday. It's that simple. 

Everybody wants a business that pays them 
everyday residually. 

Not only do we have it here, but we also get
paid to share it with everyone we know. 

Check out the videos etc. and get in touch
with me as soon as possible. 

Millions of people will be joining from around
the world, you're hearing about it first.

Don't miss out, sign up here...


Email #2

Here are some email templates that you can use as a guide
or just copy and paste them as they are to send them out.

Subject: Earn Daily Bitcoin 

Are you interested in buying a a machine that
you plug into the wall and literally print money? 

If this sounds too good to be true, I don't
blame you for thinking that way because I was
very skeptical when I first heard about this. 

But once you begin to understand what Bitcoin
mining is and you see how it works, then you
will want a lot of these "money printing machines"

You truly have to see it to believe it and right
now you can sign up for a free account to check
this out. 

Sign up here to see for yourself 


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