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You like to travel and you always book via Internet. Have you ever thought about who get the commission? Right – another one. What would you do if you had your own online travel agency and you would get the commission. Cool - yes !!!!! Here is my gift to you - your own travel agency, and that works.
Check it out, have fun with it. And if you have questions, ask me, I am always ready for it. I only book with I-travel 24


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You like to travel and you always book via Internet. Have you ever thought about who get the commission? Right – another one. What would you do if you had your own online travel agency and you would get the commission. Cool - yes !!!!! Here is my gift to you - your own travel agency, and that works.
Check it out, have fun with it. And if you have questions, ask me, I am always ready for it. I only book with I-travel 24




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Hi Mat,

today is your birthday and we would like to take this opportunity to wish you the best on your way. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you. As a small gift we have compiled from your holiday pictures a small video. We hope you enjoy the video. Likewise we would like to send you a great surprise for your next holiday…We will give you your own one-line travel agency from our partner “i-travel24”…Here you can book your holidays in the future as owner of a travel agency with “Low Price Guarantee”. We hope you enjoy this present and revisit us.

Thank you

Your diving school XXXXXX


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An extraordinary marketing idea is changing everything!

Dear Mr. Mustermann,

The story of this marketing idea sounds like a fairy tale. It’s a fairy tale – with the crucial difference – it’s true.

This fairy tale can also happen to you! I will tell you about it:

Three years ago I spent my vacation in the Caribbean in the Dominican Republic, at Sosua.  We signed up for a scuba dive course at the Divecenter Merlin. We enjoyed diving a lot and also socializing at the Apres Dive Bar. There we got to know Jürgen, the manager of the dive center, we learned more about him and the dive center.

Jürgen told us that the numbers of tourists coming to dive is decreasing. At this time he was considering closing the dive center after 18 years.


Divecenter Merlin was saved from closing…


This is certainly no longer the case since last year. Quite the contrary! In two years Jürgen has increased the number of clients and this reward trend is continuing. Read for yourself:

„ I was lucky to meet you and hear your IDEA at the right time…In the year 2011 was probably one of the worst years at my diving center. That was the first time in 18 years that I was considering closing my school. But then I began working with you and that was the best decision I had made in the few last years…Through your concept my revenue has not only stabilized – but, has actually increased by more than 35% in less than 2 years. I would like to thank you “BOTH” again for this excellent business concept.”


Jürgen, Divecenter Merlin Sosua


Could you empathize with Jürgen’s situation in 2011? Regardless of whether diving- or surf schools, hotelier or tour guide you all know the fight for customers:

How do I get new customers?


How do I retain customers?


How can I increase my revenue?

Questions –you surely deal with.  We will give you accurate answers today.


Your increase in revenue: how it works!


You will get new customers as tourist- or leisure entrepreneurs by offering a valuable gift to each new customer. They can each start their own online travel agency. As their own travel agency customers will be able to get the best travel prices. No more irritating search for the best offer.

Why to pay commission to other travel agencies when you can save it. The online travel agency has the same structure as the popular Internet travel portals, booking is really easy! The familiar format does not change.

On the basis of a simple request you have offered a present to a potential client, with it you receive advantages. The chances are good that this customer will give you repeat business as a sign of loyality when booking other services.

Cash register jingles!

You retain your customers because you have given them a gift of a travel agency. This means you are also in constant touch which each of your customers. You earn commission on each trip that is booked through your customers travel agencies. I.e. if your customer goes on a journey and book it through his own travel agency you will receive commission. This commission will be charged per booking.

On an average Germans travel twice a year and with their own travel agency maybe more…I don’t need to explain further what this means for you.

The question of more sales has been solved, right? You increase your revenue on the basis of a valuable gift that you offered to each new customer. But that’s not all. You also increase your revenue because you will earn a commission on each booking transacted through the customers travel agency.

For Jürgen from the diving school Merlin the result was a 35% increase in two years. How much will be possible for you?

Now test this revolutionary market idea free of charge!

I suggest you to test my marketing idea without obligation and free of charge. In addition you will recieve your own online travel agency as well as 5 other online travel agencies, that you can give away. The accompanying text is included so that you can start right now.

You can look forward to the results…

And make friends happy with an online travel agency. You can witness the joy that this wonderful present brings.

After about two weeks we will get in touch with you again and present you our marketing plan. At this time you will learn more about your potential earnings.

You don’t want to wait two weeks to learn about what you can earn?

That’s okay … we can tell you today that in the final stage an income of 531 441 Euros is possible. As a beginner you can look forward additional income. In the first year you might earn 6561 Euros, in the second year it may increase to 19 631 Euros and by the third year

 59 049 Euros.

The exact calculation follows… once you inform us that you are interested in benefiting from our marketing idea. Start your free test now! Accept our present!  

If you are skeptical...

And still have doubts and are thinking"That would be too good to be true"? You can’t believe that you could earn so much money with an online travel agency? But this is the case. If you don’t believe me ask Jürgen. You will find his contact details in the Internet at www.tauchschule-merlin.com.  Don’t hesitate to contact him. He will confirm that all what has been described here is true.

You can only gain with this marketing idea. If the live test doesn’t work out you have not lost anything. You really don’t long risk and you can stop anytime. All is free of charge and without obligation. Now pick up your present.

I hope you enjoy the pleasure of giving.



xxxx from itravel24.com


PS: The travel intentions of Germans for the year 2014 are good. 45% of Germans are planning one, two or three trips, 35% are undecided, only 19% do not travel. The holiday market is a lucrative market - with our marketing idea you earning potential is at maximum.


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Hi Max,

I would like to be your friend on facebook! If you confirm my friend request I have already prepared a wonderful gift for you. Please take a look at it! (Click here)

Thank you iTravel24


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Hi Mat,

I have enjoyed it being your friend on facebook! I hate hyprocrites and therefore I have a nice present available for you. (your gift)

Thank you iTravel24


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Hi Max,

I haven’t heard from you for a long time, how are you? We are friends on facebook but our communcation could be better… maybe I can change this with a small present! (your gift)… just click on the link and look at the gift.

Thank you iTravel24



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Happy Birthday my friend! I am sending you a  great birthday gift. [Look at the gift]

Thank you
Your iTravel24



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Hi Mat,

I would like to thank you for your confirmation and I wish you a prosperous new year. I'm offering you a small New Year's gift? Perhaps we can develop a friendship in the coming year. (Your gift) Looking forward to your feedback...

Your iTravel24



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Merry Christmas, dear friend!

Let yourself be pamperedand
if you don’t have enough gifts, here is one from me. (your gift)

Thank you
your iTravel24



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